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A Legionella awareness course for all persons involved with commercial, industrial, care or domestic premises.

Legionella is a potentially fatal organism that can be present in hot and cold water systems. The risks are higher where water is stored and where ‘spray’ can occur, such as from taps and showers. It is important (and a legal requirement) to ensure that proper risk assessments are carried out and all relevant employees are properly trained in Legionella awareness and risk control.

This course covers the basic biology of Legionella and how it can cause Legionnaires Disease, as well as pragmatic control measures and precautions that can be taken to reduce the risks. It also covers relevant legislation, high risk groups of people and the duties of employers and employees.

The course is intended as a general introduction to Legionella and its management and is suitable for all persons involved in the care, housing and property industries as well as all businesses who are responsible for the maintenance of their premises.

Cost: £30 plus VAT
Per credit/delegate

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